Coming to Worship with Us?

(and what to expect during worship)

Pastor’s Sermon Series

Revelation to the Church

Pastor Billy will give a sermon series from Revelation August 3 through September 14. This study will focus on the Holy Spirit’s message delivered to the Apostle John with instructions to deliver to the seven churches. We will discover those things which pleased God’s Spirit and those which grieved Jesus. We will also witness God’s loving grace offered even in the midst of God’s extreme disappointment.  His Word will encourage and challenge us to seek spiritual maturity which pleases Him who gives new life to all “who has an ear, let (them) hear what the Spirit says.” (Revelation 2:7, 11, 17, 29, 3:6, 13, and 22. NIV) 

Recharge Study

Wednesday Evenings  -  6:45 PM to 8:30 PM 
(Meal at 6:00 PM)
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Have you ever wondered about any of the following questions?
Why did Jesus die?
What happens when we die?
Who is the Holy Spirit?
How is He relevant for today?
Is forgiveness possible?
How should we live our lives? 
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United Methodist Church

Pastor Billy Martin

127 West Sherman Avenue
Williams, AZ 86046-2546
(928) 635-2511

We are located at 2nd Street and Sherman




Upcoming Events!

Womens Luncheon

Saturday September 6th
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Lunch and inspirational speakers
Year of the Jubilee is this year's theme.  

Those that look up the meaning of jubilee will be entered to win the prize of the day

RSVP to Lucy 928-707-4161