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Have you missed a Worship Service, and would like to hear the message?  We are now recording the sermons, and have them available to share.  You can send an email to vickia@cox.net and request a sermon be emailed to you.  These will be in MP3 format, and are large files, so one file at a time can be emailed.  As we develop this service, we will look at other ways to provide the message.  (Note:  Oct 30 and Nov 6 files are too large to email, due to recording format used.  These can be provided using thumb drive or CD.)

October 23 (16 MB)

October 30 (76 MB, can't be emailed)

November 6 (66 MB, can't be emailed, poor audio quality)

November 13 (41 MB, can't be emailed)

November 20  "Money = Stuff = Happy" (13 MB)

The true function of preaching is 
to disturb the comfortable and bring comfort to the disturbed.