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Rocking with the Bible books!

Making a "Prayer Hand"

The young children are learning about prayer: 
How, When, Why, etc.  
They painted their teacher's hand, preparing to make a poster of a "prayer hand"  
Each finger of the hand reminds them of things to pray for.

Finished "Prayer Hand" poster.

Recently, the kids have made prayer beads that were sold at the Fall Bazaar and the money raised was sent to the Bubblebee foundation.  They have also made place mats for the Prison Ministry.  Each week there is a Bible story and crafts / activities related to their lesson. Come join the team of teachers and share your Faith with our future (the children of our Church).

More Activities with the Young Children

White board "help" when talking about Praying. 

Poster with childrens hand prints  One of the bulletin boardsEaster cross project, the season of resurrection