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Sunday Schedule

 8:45 AMAdult Bible Study
 10:00 AMWorship Service
 10:00 AMYoung Disciples Church for School Aged Children (Children begin in Worship Service and then have the option to go to Young Disciples Church)
 10:00 AMNursery for younger children (Children begin in Worship Service and then have the option to go to Nursery where they have a Sunday School lesson designed for their age.)
 11:30 AMFellowship Table - All ages enjoy coffee or punch and snacks - and conversation after worship service.  

On the second Sunday of each month, we have a congregational pot luck, instead of our the Fellowship Table.
You are welcome (and encouraged) to attend the monthly pot luck, even if you don't bring a dish to share.  
In true Methodist fashion, 
We always have more than enough for everyone!!
 Notes:Holy Communion is generally celebrated the first Sunday of each month.  Communion is open to all who believe.  Bread (or a gluten free option) and grape juice are served.  We receive Holy Communion by "intinction".  Bread is given and then the cup is offered.  The bread is dipped in the juice and both elements are received at the same time.

Worship Progression

When attending worship, you will receive a Worship Bulletin as you enter the church.  (There are Youth Bulletins* and crayons if you have children with you)  The normal progression of events are as follows (but once in a while, our Pastor likes to keep us on our toes!) 

  -  All read the bible verse found at the top, under "Welcome to Worship"  **
  -  General Welcome and announcements that concern the entire congregation
  -  Hymns  **
  -  Responsive Reading (found in the bulletin, the Worship Leader begins, and the congregation responds)  **
  -  Hymn  **
  -  Young Disciples Time (Children in the church go "up front" and listen to a lesson designed for them.)
          (at this point, the children have the option of going to "Young Disciples Church" or returning to their families)
  -  Time in Prayer
  -  Offering of Tithes and Gifts
  -  Scripture Reading 
  -  Message
  -  Hymn  **
  -  Sending Forth

*    Youth Bulletins contain the first 6 items from the above list, and also have various activities, such as coloring pictures, mazes, dot-to-dot and/or comics.  All of the activities in the children's bulletin coordinate with the lesson that will be taught that Sunday in the Young Disciples Church.

**  These items are displayed on the screen at the front of the sanctuary.