Marshall Lindsay Award

At the Celebration of Ministry Banquet

At the 2011 Annual Conference Session of the Desert Southwest

- - -

Community United Methodist Church of Williams Arizona

was presented with

The Marshall Lindsay Award

for churches under 100 in average worship attendance

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The Marshall Lindsay Award

At the 2011 Annual Conference Session of the Desert Southwest, the Marshall Lindsay Award was inaugurated. This special award recognizes three congregations for achievement in vital and faithful church multiplication that exemplifies the best witness of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

This award is named in honor of the ministry and witness of Rev. Marshall Lindsay. Rev. Lindsay was a tireless builder of the reign of God. His ministry included being a missionary in Cuba, a pastor, a campus minister, and a church planner. He was an inspirational leader who challenged churches to grow by envisioning the greater possibilities God had for them. His commitment to Christ often led him to bold self-sacrifice which inspired lay and clergy alike. Rev. Marshall Lindsay felt strongly about the church's social responsibilities and the need for the church to be a moral voice in the world standing for the rights of the less fortunate, and the vision of God's own justice. The churches are recognized for excellence that reflects the courageous servant ministry of Rev. Marshall Lindsay.

Churches are nominated by the Cabinet. Members of the Association of Retired Ministers and Spouses determine the award recipients. Churches are nominated in the following size categories: Under 100 in average worship attendance, 100-300 in average worship attendance, and Over 300 in average worship attendance.