Sunday Schedule

Worship Progression

When attending worship, you will receive a Worship Bulletin as you enter the church. (There are Youth Bulletins* and crayons if you have children with you) The normal progression of events are as follows (but once in a while, our Pastor likes to keep us on our toes!)

- All read the bible verse found at the top, under "Welcome to Worship" **

- General Welcome and announcements that concern the entire congregation

- Hymns **

- Responsive Reading (found in the bulletin, the Worship Leader begins, and the congregation responds) **

- Hymn **

- Young Disciples Time (Children in the church go "up front" and listen to a lesson designed for them.)

(at this point, the children have the option of going to "Young Disciples Church" or returning to their families)

- Time in Prayer

- Offering of Tithes and Gifts

- Scripture Reading

- Message

- Hymn **

- Sending Forth

* Youth Bulletins contain the first 6 items from the above list, and also have various activities, such as coloring pictures, mazes, dot-to-dot and/or comics. All of the activities in the children's bulletin coordinate with the lesson that will be taught that Sunday in the Young Disciples Church.

** These items are displayed on the screen at the front of the sanctuary.