2012 God Chasers

Our Recharge bible study group recently completed "The God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney. In chapter 7, the author talks about staking out our communities for God. This is similar to the gold rush miners putting a stake into the ground to mark their claim. When staking out our community for God, we claimed the town for God, and for all the Christian congregations. Each stake had a hole drilled into the top. The selected bible verse for the location was read, then rolled up and inserted into the top of the stake. Each stake was then sealed. Our hope is to do this activity again in the future, with members of all the Christian congregations in town.

We placed 4 stakes - one in each the west, north, east and south sides of town.

The first stake - West!

Installing the stake. A board was placed on top of the stake to prevent damage from pounding it into the ground.

Praying over the west stake

The second stake - North!

Preparing to pray

The third stake - East!

Leading the prayer at a newly install stake

At each stake, we prayed for our community - we repent our sins; we request for God's kingdom to come, his will to be done in our town; and we resist the devil and all powers of evil.

Installing stake four - South!.

Reading the bible verse. After the reading, the paper with the verse was rolled up and inserted in the top of the stake.

Sealing the South stake after the bible verse was inserted.